Green Valley Convent School
Green Valley Convent School


ABOUT of Green Valley Convent School

Our school is praiseworthy in upholding high standard of education. The aim of school is to afford maximum facilities to students to develop their basic knowledge on a sound foundation and to impart them coaching in all

subjects in the best possible manners adopting all modern techniques and methods. It is our heartiest desire to develop this institution in course of time into a temple of learning of high standard with due emphasis on character building and preparing the students academically, physically strong for entering into walks of life. Every Child is a store house of talent, skills and capabilities. Green Valley Convent School endeavor to provide conductive environment which help to identify the potential of every child. We aim to develop coordination, Initiative and creativity in the children and develop a sense of responsibility through a behavior policy that encourages self discipline, awareness and respect for others. The school has laid stress on all round personality development through an integrated approach to education to help each child grow into a capable, competent and confident individual. Teachers blend traditional and modern methods to make learning easy and effective. Our institution has been working to raise standards of education in this region and I am proud to say that we have achieved many milestones of success during this period and will continue to do the same in future also.

             To come together is the beginning.
                            to stay together is progress.
                                                   to work together is success.                                                                                                                                                                                                Mrs. Anita Garg